The Weekly Check-Up Podcast

“The Weekly Check-Up Podcast”

After more than a dozen years, “The Weekly Check-Up” continues to be the preeminent healthcare talk show on 95.5 WSB Atlanta’s News and Talk, the number one radio station in Atlanta and the number one news talk station in America. Since the show began, host and healthcare thought leader Dr. Bruce Feinberg has amassed more than 500 hours of content featuring countless thought-provoking questions from listeners. With all of that compelling content available, it’s the perfect opportunity to step outside of the one-and-done radio show format and into the realm of podcasts. On “The Weekly Check-Up Podcast,” Dr. Feinberg will be revisiting these timeless healthcare questions while sharing the invaluable and practical answers and perspectives with a larger audience. Topics run the gamut from skin conditions to weight loss drugs to cancer and all points in between. Catch new episodes of “The Weekly Check-Up Podcast” every other week on all major podcast platforms.

“Having produced more than a decade of ‘The Weekly Check-Up’ radio content, it’s exciting to introduce a new platform to share the latest healthcare information with as many listeners as possible,” says host Dr. Bruce Feinberg.

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