Dr. Kerry Reller

Dr. Kerry Reller, Clearwater Family Medicine and Allergy

Dr. Kerry Reller of Clearwater Family Medicine and Allergy joins us to discuss family medicine, obesity medicine, and more.
Dr. Reller is the owner of Clearwater Family Medicine and Allergy in Clearwater, FL. Before going into medicine, she was an electrical engineer. After completing medical school and family medicine residency at the University of Maryland, she moved back to Florida and joined her father in practice to learn the clinical practices of Allergy and Asthma. She started her own family medicine practice in addition to seeing allergy patients. She has always had a passion for wellness, nutrition, and fitness and has since found the perfect combination of these things in the field of Obesity Medicine. As an obesity medicine specialist, she helps patients live their healthiest and best lives so that they can prevent chronic disease, move better and breathe better. She does this by encouraging patients to make sustainable lifestyle changes so that they can live a healthy, confident, and energetic life.