J. Michael Roach, M.D. of Eye Consultants of Atlanta

J. Michael Roach, M.D. of Eye Consultants of Atlanta joins The Weekly Check-Up on January 22 to discuss vision screenings, eye diseases, glaucoma and more.

J. Michael Roach, M.D.’s surgical focus includes cataract and lens implant surgery. He performs complete eye exams and closely evaluates patients’ eye health as well as general health problems, such as diabetes and hypertension, often detected by thorough eye exams. Dr. Roach is involved in the design of surgical instruments that improve the safety of cataract surgery. Dr. Roach joined Eye Consultants of Atlanta in 1999 when selected by William O. Martin, III, M.D. as his successor. Dr. Roach has an interest in automobile safety and is a volunteer driving instructor for youths in the Street Survival program as well as a high-performance driving instructor for several sports car clubs at U.S. race tracks. He also enjoys car restoration and bicycling, competing at the state and national championship level in road and mountain biking. He is also a multiple medal-winner in multiple state championships and the Georgia Games. He and Dr. Hamilton provide musical entertainment for non-profit fundraising events while performing as the Macular Degenerates. He enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering at his children’s school. Dr. Roach practices at the Cumberland, Piedmont Eye, and Piedmont Hospital Locations.