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Virtual Imaging and ATL Live Well

On March 21, the Weekly Check-Up Atlanta is joined by Virtual Imaging, Inc. and ATL Live Well.

Virtual Imaging, Inc. of Atlanta

The most significant advances in diagnostic medicine today are in the area of medical imaging. “Virtual” examinations (full body scans) of internal organs are now a reality. Technology alone, however, does not provide better outcomes for patients. The skill and experience of physicians are necessary to help patients transform this new information into a useful, cohesive plan. Virtual Imaging is a disease and illness prevention facility that helps you and your doctor preserve your good health. They offer patients and physicians state-of-the-art technology and information to detect major preventable diseases before symptoms arise. Virtual Imaging features the Imitron C300 the world’s fastest Computed Tomography (CT) imaging platform. Virtual Imaging offers the EBCT Heart Scan, EBCT Lung Scan, EBCT Full Body Scan, and EBCT Virtual colonography (a non-invasive conoloscopy).

ATL Live Well

At ATL Live Well, we evaluate each patient to determine the best technique needed to address their specific needs. Our dedicated team of medical professionals have helped thousands of patients in the Atlanta area experience improved health for several years. ATL Live Well is highly recommended and the team of professionals takes pride in the stellar care that they provide their patients.

Specialized care at our Atlanta anti-aging clinic includes IV therapy, medical weight loss, massage therapy, dermal fillers, and more. Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Call us at (770) 644-0093 and our helpful team will schedule your appointment for optimal health!