Dr. Joanie Davis

Dr. Joanie Davis of Davis Family Hearing

On November 28, we are joined by Dr. Joanie Davis of Davis Family Hearing to discuss the impacts of untreated hearing loss, cochlear implants, and Bluetooth technology with new hearing aids.

Dr. Joanie Davis is an alumna of West Virginia University where she earned her Doctorate of Audiology in 2008, and is a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology. She started her professional career in Florida and after falling in love with the beautiful nature coast she decided to make Florida her new home.

Dr. Davis worked at a prominent multi-clinic facility during her residency program, and then for an additional 5 years after her graduation as a Clinical Audiologist. While she tremendously enjoyed what she did and learned much from her peers, she knew that there were new ventures awaiting her. Audiology was still a relatively young field, so finding a doctor who specialized in everything from hearing aids to cochlear implants was very challenging.

Because of that challenge in 2013, Dr. Davis elected to open her own private institution with a very unique goal in mind; to create an Audiology practice that could assist everyone from newborn to senior with better hearing, and provide every patient with the highest quality of care. Davis Family Hearing was founded on the mentality that every patient who comes into be treated by us feel just like a part of the family. To this day Dr. Davis firmly believes that it is our patient-centered approach that enabled us to grow so quickly over the years and open our additional productive locations. Along with building a successful medical practice spanning the Tri-County area, Dr. Davis is also a very loving and proud mother of two young children, Emma and Jimmy!