Dr. Paradis Esfandiari

Dr. Paradis Esfandiari of Blue Lecture Series

On September 21, we’re joined by Dr. Paradis Esfandiari, president of Blue Lecture Series.

Dr. Esfandiari strongly values Continuing Education and has a unique vision for all professionals worldwide. He believes CE is integral in maintaining knowledge, ethics, and efficiency as a practitioner in whichever realm of study one participates.

Dr. Esfandiari works closely with instructors to design course curricula and ensure they meet the standards necessary for licensure accreditation. He also manages and oversees each specific course in terms of logistics.

He works hard to produce the most rewarding Continuing Education experiences possible. Dr. Esfandiari aims to consistently recruit the world’s best instructors, effective and valuable accredited course curricula, and the most luxurious venues & catering all at a shockingly affordable price.

Dr. Esfandiari also practices in Downtown Tampa Bay, FL. His particular interests include oral medicine, endodontics, and cosmetic dentistry.