This week, we’re joined by the team from SmartScan, who offer early detection of heart disease and cancer.

The Smart Scan can find the earliest stages of the leading killers: cancer, aneurysms, vascular and heart disease.

Our state of the art imaging makes it easier than ever to get an accurate look inside the human body and aid in early disease detection while ensuring maximum comfort throughout your entire experience.

Combined, we have over 200 years of experience in radiology and cardiology

High Definition CT Scans can see details as small as 0.4 mm (about 1/50th of an inch), providing stunningly detailed images of organs and blood vessels to detect evidence of the earliest stages of atherosclerosis years before any other test.

Now, you can find the potentially life-threatening diseases that are often missed with physical exam or standard health screenings before they become symptomatic and when treatment is likely to be easier and more effective.

An accurate diagnosis is key to any health concern, and having access to sophisticated medical technology is vital.

At Smart Scan Today, greater peace of mind is here.

Higher quality for greater confidence. Call us at 833-777-SCAN (7226) for more information.