Three Questions with Georgia Urology’s Dr. Barry M. Zisholtz

This week, Georgia Urology’s Dr. Barry M. Zisholtz took the time to answer three questions related to him and his field of medicine. Georgia Urology is the largest urology practice in Atlanta and the Southeast and has been Georgia’s leader in urology since 1975.

  1. What are the key challenges of this field of medicine?
    Urology uses cutting-edge technology, which is exciting, but at the same time challenging to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest. We also have to make sure that the new technology works well and does no harm to patients.
  2. What are unique and/or special skills you need as a doctor?
    To be a good physician, you need compassion, understanding, and an ability to relate to all types of people. You need to know that every day is different and need to be prepared for different types of interruptions during the day, such as an emergency occurring.
  3. What’s the most rewarding part about your job?
    Being a physician, and especially a surgeon, is very satisfying when you’re able to immediately relieve a patient’s suffering and cure an illness. This comes with certain challenges, though, such as patients that may experience post-operative complications, especially if they came in very ill.

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