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A Cause Worth Supporting



Imagine your normal morning routine. Everything is running smoothly until a sudden muscle spasm breaks your grip and orange juice falls, splattering the kitchen floor. Then around lunchtime, sharp pain races up your legs causing you to collapse and nearly faint. Stress and confusion set in as you wonder, “What is happening to me?”

Now, imagine encountering sporadic spasms, paralysis, slurred speech, a loss of vision, irregular mood swings, and more. These terrifying experiences are what many with Multiple Sclerosis remember before diagnosis.  Multiple Sclerosis, better known as MS, is a chronic, debilitating disease that manipulates the immune system into waging war on the central nervous system. The attacks on the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves affect every aspect of the body. Currently, there is no cure and only preventative treatments exist. Even more unsettling, one in seven Americans will be diagnosed with MS in their lifetime. Chances are you or someone you love will face this deadly killer.

As an avid cyclist, I was thrilled to learn of BikeMS, an event that combined my joy of riding with the goal of ending this disease. The National Multiple Sclerosis established the event in 1980 and has since raised over $1 billion for MS research. One of the largest organized charity cycling events in the world, BikeMS gathers thousands of riders across the country for a two-day adventure in each state. For Georgia, this year marks the 27th Annual Cox Atlanta Ride.  On September 14-15, cyclers aged 12 and older will travel the back roads of South Georgia, showing their support in the fight and raising money for research of MS. This year, I am proud to host my own team, Team McAleer Law. Registration is still open to join our team or you could start your own. Feeling hesitant about joining in the tour? Even without the ability to ride, volunteers provide aid with registration packets, food delivery, rider check in, and more. Every little bit helps! Each year, millions of people are suffering from Multiple Sclerosis with no cure. This is your opportunity to help fight MS. Visit to learn how you can get started today.