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Supreme Court Allows Health Care Law to Stand

Whether we consider healthcare a privilege or a right, healthcare in this country is available to all except that some of us pay for it in insurance premiums and taxes while some only in taxes and some not at all.  As the baby boomers age and medical advances make once life threatening diseases chronic the healthcare economy has doubled in just one generation from 10% of the economy to soon being 20%.  With that increase in cost the average premium for a family of four has more than doubled in <10 years and now eclipses $20,000; at the current pace the cost will eclipse avg income in ten years.  Had the personal mandate been ruled unconstitutional and given that the single payer solution was a politically unacceptable alternative then we would have been back to square one with unaffordable premiums, cost to businesses that make them unable to compete in a global economy, 50 million uninsured Americans seeking expensive emergency care that we all pay for and defacto rationing through policies like pre-exisiting illness denials, annual caps, lifetime caps, prior authorizations, etc.

It’s time to get serious and stop deluding ourselves that there are simple solutions.