The Weekly Check-Up Atlanta

Trick or Treat?

You might be a little old to trick-or-treat, but some could argue that candy might be beneficial to your health. Recent studies show that chocolate consumption can lower your risk for several cardiovascular disorders. The study showed that those who ate the most chocolate had reduced rates of stroke, coronary heart disease, and blood pressure.

Another recent study suggests that the flavonoids in cocoa may benefit blood vessels and reduce inflammation. Dark chocolate, which contains more flavonoids, eaten once or twice a week in reduced quantities showed fewer cases of heart failure in women.

However, let me remind you of a phrase I mentioned in an earlier blog post about the benefits of red wine: “Everything in moderation!” If chocolate is consumed in mass amount the beneficial qualities are eliminated. Too much chocolate can cause weight gain, increasing one’s risk for heart disease.

This study is not license for you to hijack your kids’ trick or treat bags for yourself this weekend. Rather, take it as license to embrace the joy you experience when you indulge in something delicious every so often.

Be Well,
Dr. Bruce Feinberg