The Weekly Check-Up Atlanta

Commuter Blues

Anyone who sits in stand-still traffic at 5:30 in the evening can tell you that commuting is a pain. The road-rage, the stress, and the inevitable waste of time can drive a person mad.

However, a recent study published by IBM takes it to another level by indexing different cities according to pain experienced by commuters.

The study ranks the emotional and economic toll of commuting in each city, with the highest-ranking number representing the worst. Factors taken into account include gas money, and stress and anger due to driving. While Atlanta didn’t make the list, it would be naïve to say that we don’t experience traffic misery. The worst city for commuter pain? Mexico City with a score of 108.

As you may already know, stress can take its toll on a person both mentally and physically. A long, stressful commute has been linked to back and neck pain, as well as high cholesterol. And road rage certainly doesn’t help your blood pressure.

Whether it’s carpooling with coworkers, or listening to The Weekly Check-Up, what are your favorite ways to make a commute less stressful?