The Weekly Check-Up Atlanta

Going for Gold

Not everyone is a record-setting athlete. Everyone has goals, though.

I recently read this article about a woman setting out to swim for a record 60 hours straight, from Cuba to Key West. Dodging sharks and fighting churning waves, she’ll only stop momentarily for quick sips of pre-digested protein, most likely getting horribly stung by jellyfish. The kicker? Ms. Nyad is 61 years old.

Now, that’s amazing. While I will (most likely) never set out to swim 103 miles through the ocean, I was still hugely inspired and motivated by this story.

Ms. Nyad has something we all posses – desire and determination. Whether your fitness goal is to run a marathon or to start doing yoga every morning, do it with excellence. Set high standards for yourself, and celebrate when you accomplish your goals.

What goals do you hope to accomplish this year?

Be well,

Dr. Bruce Feinberg