The Weekly Check-Up Atlanta

Talk About A Comeback

Injured, bandaged knee.Now that baseball season is in full swing, I’d imagine most of you are keeping up with the Braves.

Only last season, star third baseman Chipper Jones tore his meniscus. Though this is a minor injury that can be corrected with a surgery, Jones is nearing retirement age and was being pressured to take this as a cue to leave. The veteran of the game opted for a different route. Not wanting to have his fans see him leave the field defeated, Jones decided to come back for another season. Now, that’s what I call determination.

I’ve seen time and time again that when patients carry with them a determination to be healed, they often are the ones who recover faster. I admire Jones’ mettle – I think that if more of us believed in our ability to make a comeback from an injury, we’d be in a lot better shape. When we have injuries, it’s easy to feel defeated. I challenge you all to take a stance similar to Chipper Jones. When your body is injured, keep positive feelings and goals at the forefront of your healing process.

What are some of your most amazing recovery stories?

Be well,

Dr. Bruce Feinberg