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Buzzing for a Cure

Coffee cupDrink this in! A new study by Harvard, published in this month’s Journal of the National Cancer Institute reveals that men who drink coffee are less likely to develop prostate cancer. While scientists aren’t yet telling men to drink more coffee, there’s evidence to prove that those who do enjoy a cup of Joe have less to worry about.

As part of a Health Professionals Follow-Up Study, Harvard scientists followed 47,911 men who periodically described their coffee intake. Researchers found that:

  • Those who consumed six or more cups a day were almost 20 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer over two decades than those who drank none.
  • Heavy coffee drinkers were 60 percent less likely than the nondrinkers to develop a lethal form of prostate cancer.
  • Even light drinkers who had only one to two cups a day were nearly 30 percent less likely to develop lethal prostate cancer.

Coffee is a robust source of antioxidants and may be linked to lowering risks for other health problems such as type 2 Diabetes. So, guys enjoy your morning buzz – it might do you a world of good.

Be well,

Dr. Bruce Feinberg