Chris Burns with More Than Money

Chris Burns with Dynamic Money

On April 7, we’re joined by Chris Burns of Dynamic Money — to discuss how your healthcare affects your finances, and how your finances affect your health.

Someone once challenged Chris and said conversations about money can never be exciting or fun. He is bent to prove them wrong and delivers a weekly radio show to benefit people’s daily lives with financial insight based on today’s news. As a former youth pastor, Chris frequently heard young people’s stories and dreams. In his early career, while working for a financial services company, Chris saw first-hand that traditional planning wasn’t going to work anymore. He couldn’t allow people to buy insurance or a 401(k) and believe it would bring them all of their dreams like Luke Skywalker using the force (he is a serious nerd). Today Chris is a loving husband to his wife, workout partner, and father to his two boys, and a prince charming to his beautiful, Disney-loving princess little girl.